Lab scale stainless steel distillation reactor with reflux devices

HXCHEM design & build customized Intelligent laboratory stainless steel vaccum distillation reactor/ mixing tank/ resin reactors Stainless steel mixing tank, Stainless steel reactor, Bear mixng tank, Mixing tank for syrup/ beverage/ alcohol/ juice/ milk; Vacuum mixing tank; juice mixing tank; Electric heating mixing tank; Milk mixing tank; Beverage mixing tank

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Lab scale stainless steel distillation reactor with reflux devices


This distillation equipment is including: Reaction vessel/ Reactor, mixing system, vacuum system, Vertical column, horizontal condenser, receiver/separator, heating system, platform.




Mixing tank | Stainless steel lab scale resin plant




Volume: 20L, 50L, 100L, 200L, 500L, 1000L.

Including jacketed distillation reactor, horizontal condenser, storage tank, heating system, pipelines, valves, temperature gauge PT100,pressure gauge, platform etc;


Working pressure: Vacuum/ 3bar;

Heating method: Oil cycling; Electric heating;

Cooling method: Internal cooling coils optional;

The mirror of the inner container is dealt with by brightening, and its roughness is equal to or less than 0.4 um.

The mixing tank is done at a variable or constant speed according to various capabilities and technical requirements.

We can customize the mixing tanks according to your process requirements and drawings.

Distillation reactor

Mixing tank



Lab scale stainless steel mixing tank


 Distillation reactor

HXCHEM‘S mixing tank fittings optional as follows:




Vessel fittings                        

Cleaning ball, Long flange mirror;  Mirror light; Sampling valve; Liquidometer, Glass manhole                          

PumpFeeding pump, recycling pump, metering pump, sanitary pump, emulsion pump
PipelinePipeline mirror; Ball valve; Butterfly valve; Filter;
Distillation fittingsDistillation fittings
ControlPLC control; Explosion-proof pannel;



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