CSTR lab pressure reactor system

Material: SS304, SS316, other alloys HXCHEM designs and builds CSTR Reactor system/Multi parallel reactor/Reaction system/Lab reactor system/Lab parallel reactor system/Lab CSTR reactor Stainless steel mixing tank, Stainless steel reactor, Bear mixng tank, Mixing tank for syrup/ beverage/ alcohol/ juice/ milk; Vacuum mixing tank; juice mixing tank; Electric heating mixing tank; Milk mixing tank; Beverage mixing tank

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CSTR lab pressure reactor



The principal features of the multi parallel reactor system include:

Three, four, six or eights reactor with magnetic stirring.

Volume:50ml~5liters parallel autoclaves.

Operate pressure to 100 bar; 

Operate temperature up to 350 ℃;

Individual temperature control;

Continuous individual pressure monitoring;

Volumes and reactor geometry designed for three phase reactions.

Available material:SS304, SS316, Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy B/C, etc.








HXCHEM designs and builds custom parallel reactor and multiple reactor systems for use in hydrogenation test, high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, corrosion testing, and catalyst testing. 

CSTR reactor

All vessels are stirred with a single magnetic stirrer system specifically designed and built for this application;

The vessel valves and accessories are designed for 100bar & 350°C. 

The external heaters surround the vessel for rapid and uniform heating and temperature control. Each vessel is individually temperature controlled. 

Internal cooling coils & bottom drain vlaves optional;



CSTR reactor



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