100L stainless steel reactor with vacuum, heating & reflux

Stainless steel mixing tank, Stainless steel reactor, Bear mixng tank, Mixing tank for syrup/ beverage/ alcohol/ juice/ milk; Vacuum mixing tank; juice mixing tank; Electric heating mixing tank; Milk mixing tank; Beverage mixing tank

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100L stainless steel reactor with vacuum, heating & reflux


100liters stainless steel reactor mixing tank including: Reaction vessel/ Reactor, mixing system, vacuum system, heating system, platform.

                            stainless steel reacto



100 Liters

Maximum pressure


Maximum temperature

300℃(0-150℃ working temperature


Clad SS316, food grade. Double layer SS304

Vessel Size

Φ500*450   4t

Jacket Size

Φ600       4t


Explosion-proof Gear Motor, Domestic, 0.55kw

Mechanical seal

30-204B; 0.4MPa,domestic brand.


Paddle + propeller agitator, 30-150rpm

Heating type

Electric oil heatingHot conduct oilTotal power14kw

Head type

Semi elliptical head with quick open flange & Clamp

Internal cooling coils


External condenser


Vacuum pump

Water ring vacuum pump with explosion-proof motor; 2BV-1.5KW

Equipped with water storage tank; 30L


Mirror Polish; Ra<0.6um

Steel frame

Reactor steel frame with moveable wheels

Equipped with vacuum pump steel frame.

Electric control box

PID control;Temperature and stirring speed display and control

Equipped with explosion-proof control box. 100*100*250*3t

Top opening port

1×Thermoprobes; 1×glass window; 1×Vacuum port;

2×DN25 liquid & solid inlet port; 1×Stirring sit port

1×Pressure gauge with rupture disc

Bottom opening port

1×Bottom discharge port with drain valve

Opening port on heating Jacket

Oil inlet and outlet on jacket. Electric heating rod; 1×Thermoprobes

Total SizeEstimate

700mm × 1200mm × 1580mm


Vacuum mixing tank | Electric heating mixing tank




  • Volume: 50L, 100L, 200L, 500L, 1000L.

  • Including jacketed distillation reactor, storage tank, heating system, pipelines, valves, temperature gauge PT100,pressure gauge, platform etc;

  • Material:SS304/SS316;

  • Working pressure: Vacuum/ 1bar;

  • Heating method: Oil electric cycling;

  • Cooling method: Internal cooling coils optional;

  • The mirror of the inner container is dealt with by brightening, and its roughness is equal to or less than 0.4 um.

  • The mixing tank is done at a variable or constant speed according to various capabilities and technical requirements.

  • We can customize the mixing tanks according to your process requirements and drawings.





100L stainless steel reactor


   stainless steel reactor with vacuum 


stainless steel reacto   100L stainless steel reactor









10L-10000L (Other volume customized)                                                                                                    


Vacuum to 10bar


Up to 350℃


SS304 or SS316 ; PTFE liner optional


Single/ Double(heating)/ Three layers(Insulation)

Top head type

Dish, Open lid, Flat, semi-elliptical head

Bottom type

Dish, Conical, Flat bottom

Heating mode

Oil Electric heating, Steam heating, electric heating


Conventional jacket/ Limpet Coil jacket

Seal type

Mechnical sealing or magnetic seal

Mixing type

High speed homoginizer, Propeller, anchor, paddle, scraper type, etc.

Optional parts

Quick open manhole / Pressure manhole

Various types of CIP spraying ball 

Liquid level meter and lever controller

Ladder ( Optional )

The pressure gauge ( Optional )


Food, Beverage, pharmacy, biological, honey, chocolate, alcohol, chemical industry etc




stainless steel reactor with vacuum



HXCHEM‘S mixing tank fittings optional as fellows:




Vessel fittings                        

Cleaning ball, Long flange mirror;  Mirror light; Sampling valve; Liquidometer, Glass manhole                          

PumpFeeding pump, recycling pump, metering pump, sanitary pump, emulsion pump
PipelinePipeline mirror; Ball valve; Butterfly valve; Filter;
Distillation fittingsDistillation fittings
ControlPLC control; Explosion-proof pannel;


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