Magnetic coupling drive agitator for 20000liters pressure reactors

Magnetic coupling drive for 20000L high pressure reactors


Magnetic coupling drive advantages.  

  • Direct drive Between motor & magnetic divers;

  • Cooling jacket for high temperature application;

  • 100% Sealing. Zero leakage. Low energy cost;

  • Long using life of bearings.

  • Ndfeb magnetic couplings available;

  • Flange connect with reactor.

HXCHEM offer various magnetic coupling drive/ Magnetic agitator/ Magnetic drive pressure reactors/ Magnetic stirred pressure reactors/ Magnetic stirrers/ Magnetic couplings/ Magnetic stirring pressure reactors/ Magnetic driver/ High pressure reactor/ Magnetic coupling drive reactor/ Jacketed reactor/ Chemical reactor/ Heating jacket reactor/ Stainless steel cladding reactor/ Cladding reactor/ Stainless steel reactor/ Limpet coils reactor


Magnetic coupling drive


Magnetic agitator

Magnetic drive pressure reactors


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