14sets chemical immediates high pressure hydrogenation reactors

14sets high pressure autoclave reactors for chemical immediates hydrogenation



                              hydrogenation reactors


May 31, 2023, HXCHEM offer installation and test service on site, for 14sets high pressure autoclaves/hydrogenation reactors/ pressure reactors for chemical immediates hydrogenation.  Equipped with magnetic coupling drive agitator, zero leakage reaction, jacketed heating, internal cooling coils, and high effective gas induction impellers, shell made in SS316l explosion cladding, exlosion-proof motor, reducer, and frequency converter.

HXCHEM offer customized stirred hydrogenation reactors/ High pressure reactors/ Hydrogenation reactors from lab to industrial/ Catalyst hydrogenation reactors/ chemical immediates hydrogenation reactors/ high pressure hydrogenation/ Chemical reactors, etc .




                                                           high pressure hydrogenation reactors

                                                           chemical immediates hydrogenation reactors  



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