Pilot scale stainless steel pressure reactor

stainless steel pressure reactor/ Crane Lifting High Pressure Reactor/High Pressure Reactor/Lab pressure reactors/ Lifting reactors/ Titanium autoclaves/ Hastelloy reactors/stirred pressure autoclave

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Pilot scale stainless steel pressure reactor

pressure reactor


This series pilot scale stainless steel pressure reactor/ stirred pressure autoclave is widely used in scale up and small-scale production

  • Volume: 50l, 100l, 200l, 300l, 500l.

  • Pressure: Standard 100bar, maximum up to 300bar

  • Temperature: Up to 350℃

  • Material:SS304, SS316, Hastelloy B/C, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium, etc.

  • Heating method:Electric oil heating

  • Seal type: Magnetic stirrer drives




stainless steel pressure reactor 


Pilot reactor




Salient Features

  • High torque zero leakage magnetic coupling drives

  • With electric crane lifting devices, easy to open the heavy cover lid.

  • Pressure gauge display and temperature sensor.

  • Internal cooling coils with water tap;

  • Control panel with program PID temperature controller.

  • Gas/liquid inlet & outlet with needle valve control, dip tube, etc;



  • Bottom drain valve. 

  • Constant pressure feeding tank;

  • Vertical and horizontal condenser;

  • Reflux pipeline and external receving system;

  • Buffer tank & vaccum pump.

Standard Specification

pressure reactor


Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.

Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.
Different power supply options may be possible on request.

Typical Applications

  • Hydrogenation reactor;                        

  • Polymerization reactor;

  • Synthesis reactor;

  • Catalyst testing / evaluation;

  • Catalytic reactor

  • Crystallization;

  • Chemical development.

stainless steel pressure reactor

  • Corrosion test, and catalyst test         

  • Petrochemical research;

  • Biomass research;

  • Zeolite synthesis;

  • Corrosion testing autoclave;

  • Scale-up;Pilot-Plant; Small-scale production;

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