Catalytic Hydrogenation Reactor

HXCHEM specialize in hydrogenation reactor from lab to industrial. Volume: 100ml - 40kl Design pressure: 20-120bar Design temperature: Up to 350℃ Wetted material:SS304, SS316, C276 cladding . Certificate: GB; ASME U stamp; ISO certified; PED; Advantages: High gas induction tech, Non leakage magnetic coupling drive, High pressure equipment design and fabricate ability.

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Catalyst Hydrogenation Reactors 

Lab to industrial scale/ Customization


The hydrogenation system usually involves a three-phase slurry, the solid catalyst in slurry phase and the hydrogen bubbles as the gas phase. As there are a number of phase boundaries the mass transfer, and especially the hydrogen dispersion, is a very factor. The mixing system that is employed in the reactor influences the mass transfer coefficient of the gas-liquid transfer greatly. Get more details about Hydrogenation.




1. Volume: 100ml - 40m3

2. Higher gas Zero leakage, Magnetic Couplings Drives;

3. Internal heating/Cooling coils: Tube type or spiral coils; Gas distributor. spargers & baffles;

4. Pressure Vessel deisgn: Full Jacket/ Half-pipe jackets/ Dimpled jackets;Head type:Semi-elliptical/ Dished/ Hemispherical/ Flat;

5. Explosive Clad Steel for anti-corrosion high pressure conditions.

Product details

√  Bench top hydrogenation reactor (100ml-5liters)

√  Lab hydrogenation reactor (100ml-5liters)

√  Lab hydrogenation reactor with lifting (5liters- 50liters)

√  Hydrogenation pilot plant (50liters- 500liters)

√  Industrial hydrogenation reactor (>1000liters)

Product Cases

Bench top hydrogenation Reactors / 100ml, 200ml, 500ml / 0-100bar/ 300C


  Catalyst Hydrogenation Reactor



GSH hydrogenation Reactors / 100ml-2liters/ 0-100bar/ 350C/ SS304/ SS316L


Hydrogenation Reactor  



Hydrogenation Reactors with cover lifting & lowering, vessel body can be rotate.(100ml-5liters)






Hydrogenation Reactors with quick open device (100ml-5liters)





Hydrogenation Reactors with cover lid lifting



10liters Hydrogenation Reactors / 0-100bar/ 350C/ SS316L


Hydrogenation Reactor  



20liters Hydrogenation Reactors 





50liters Hydrogenation Reactors 


 High pressure hydrogenation reactors Catalyst Hydrogenation Reactor


 50L-500liters Hydrogenation Reactor


Hydrogenation Reactor 

100L-1000liters Hydrogenation Reactor/ C276 hydrogenation reactor

High pressure hydrogenation reactors


Catalyst Hydrogenation Reactor

1000L-3000liters Hydrogenation Reactor

Hydrogenation Reactor 

5000L-10000liters Hydrogenation Reactor

High pressure hydrogenation reactors 

10000L-20000liters Hydrogenation Reactor

Catalyst Hydrogenation Reactor

20000L-30000liters Hydrogenation Reactor


Hydrogenation Reactor



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