Sorbital production industrial hydrogenation reactor

2000L-30m3 xylitol/ sorbital hydrogenation reactor

Sorbital hydrogenation

The hydrogenation system usually involves a three-phase slurry, the solid catalyst in slurry phase and the hydrogen bubbles as the gas phase. As there are a number of phase boundaries the mass transfer, and especially the hydrogen dispersion, is a very factor. The mixing system that is employed in the reactor influences the mass transfer coefficient of the gas-liquid transfer greatly. Get more details about Hydrogenation.


  • Volume: 2000L-30m3.

  • Design pressure: 60-150bar

  • Design temperature: Up to 250℃

  • Heating method: Oil jacket heating

  • Wetted material:SS316 cladding .

  • Certificate: GB; ASME U stamp; ISO certified; PED;

  • Application: Sorbital production


hydrogenation reactor


sorbital hydrogenation reactor 


Sorbital hydrogenation

hydrogenation reactor

sorbital hydrogenation reactor





Gas Induction Tech.

  • Gas Induction Tech. from HXCHEM

  • Higher gas Hold-up & mass transfer

  • Fine dispersion of the hydrogen

  • Large Gas-Liquid interfacial area

  • Recirculation of the unused gas

  • Uniform suspension of solid components (e.g., Catalyst)

Magnetic Couplings Driver

  • 100% Sealing. Zero leakage. Low energy cost.

  • Various model for volume: 100ml~50m3

  • Long using life of bearings, less maintenance times

  • Full vaccum/200 bar available;

  • Cooling jacket set for high temperature application.

Internal Fittings Optional

  • Internal heating/Cooling coils: Tube type or spiral coils;

  • Dip tube & temperature measure tube;

  • Shaft, Couplings & combined stirring paddle impeller;

  • Gas distributor. spargers & baffles;

Optional for Pressure Vessel

  • Full Jacket/ Half-pipe jackets/ Dimpled jackets;

  • Head type:Semi-elliptical/ Dished/ Hemispherical/ Flat;

  • Explosive Clad Steel for anti-corrosion high pressure conditions.


Sorbital hydrogenation


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