50liters stainless steel hydrogenation reactors

50liters stirred hydrogenation reactors


HXCHEM offer various Laboratory hydrogenation reactors/ 50liters reactors/ 50liters hydrogenation reactors/ lab pressure reactors/ stirred pressure reactors/ Laboratory reactors/ Pressure reactors/ Laboratory pressure reactors/ Lab stirred pressure reactors/ Lab reactors/ Lab high pressure reactors/ High pressure reactors/ Hastelloy reactors/ Titanium reactors

  • Lab bolted closure stirred hydrogenation reactors 

  • Volume: 100ml-50liters;

  • Standard Pressure 100bar, max up to 300bar;

  • Temperature up to 300℃

  • Standard materials:SS304, SS316, Hastelloy C276, Titanium, Zr.

  • Model: Horizontal/ Vertical 

  • Electric heating/ Jacket heating

hydrogenation reactors

HXCHEM offer customized hydrogenation reactors/ stirred hydrogenation reactors/ High pressure reactors/ Hydrogenation reactors from lab to industrial/ Catalyst hydrogenation reactors/ chemical immediates hydrogenation reactors/ high pressure hydrogenation/ Chemical reactors, etc .

stirred hydrogenation reactors

50liters pressure reactors

50liters hydrogenation reactors

50liters hydrogenation reactors


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