Short Path Molecular Distillation
  • Muti-stage Wiped Film Molecular Distillation For Industrial Plants
  • Muti-stage Wiped Film Molecular Distillation For Industrial Plants

Muti-stage Wiped Film Molecular Distillation For Industrial Plants


Product origin :China

Delivery time :30 days after payment

Supply capacity :5sets/ month

Multi-stage pilot units design for data collection, produce sample and scale up to industrial, which combined of short-path distillation and thin film distillation.
In multi-stage systems complex product mixtures can be separated in the individual fractions with the desired quality.

Muti-stage Wiped Film Molecular Distillation For Industrial Plants


Our mission is to collect data and results during the pilot tests to enable a later scale up to industrial systems. Pilot plants are used for: Generate scalable data for industrial systems; Produce a certain number of samples; Optimization of existing processes. Process development/optimization and product development are the areas of application for the HXCHEM pilot plants. Thin film and short path evaporators can be combined to multi-stage systems. 

Muti-stage Distillation

Product Features

  • Three stage system:  Thin film distillation(TFD) + Short path distillation(SPD) + Short path distillation(SPD)

                                         Or three stage short path distillation.

  • Heating area: 0.05m2, 0.1m2, 0.2m2, 0.5m2, 1m2, 2m2, 4m2, 6m2 available for pilot production.

  • Heating of jacket up to 350℃(Hot oil)

  • Trace heating of individual sections (feed, residue and distillate) for melting or viscous products.

  • Combination with additional evaporation stages ( Rectification, Degassing, Flash evaporation)

  • SPE, TFE constructed of Borosilicate glass, stainless steel or other special materials and alloys.

  • Batch or Continuous feeding and discharge options (pumps)

  • Different wiper systems.

  • Floor stand or moveable cart design.

Basic Configuration(SPD)

  • Feeding system(including pre-heating and degassing stage)

  • Thin film evaporator(TFE)

  • Short path evaporator(SPE)

  • External condenser

  • Cold trap

  • Collection systems for distillate and residue

  • Heating and cooling systems

  • Vacuum system

Technical Requirements




Typical capacities



Operating pressure






Operating temperature

Up to 350℃(steam,oil,hot water)

Construction material

SS304 or SS316,Titanium and other alloys

Wiper mode


Multistage model can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Note: Data in the table are standard specification. The specific size is based on the customer's demand.

If you have special demands, pls show your detail process data and information, we will offer turnkey solutions.

Main configuration                                                                         

  • Number of stages

  • Evaporator type and size of each stage

  • Wiping systems

  • Feed rate of each stage

  • Trace heating

Product properties

  • Components

  • Viscosity

  • Melting points

  • Boiling points

Product Drawing

Industrial Molecular Distillation

Turnkey Solutions

HXCHEM can provide customized services according to customer requirements, such as multilevel systems or other special requirements to meet different productivity needs, finally achieve the turnkey solution provided.

  • Feasibility analysis Process analysis.

  • Preliminary overall layout  Detailed design.

  • Manufacturing and transportation Installation and testing.

  • Training and after sales service.

Wiped Film Molecular Distillation


Short-path distillation is applied for separation of high boiling point, heat-sensitive and oxidizable materials. 

Muti-stage Distillation

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